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Windsong: Cleveland’s Feminist Chorus, a feminist women’s chorus, formed in 1979. Windsong, an “organization of women and their supporters,” “strives to…empower women through their participation in the performance of music…that is diverse, women-supportive, and environmentally responsible” while “[building] community” and “[providing] education through partnerships with like-minded organizations.” Windsong chorus primarily performs “music by, for, and about women, social justice, equality, and human rights.” Initially named the Cleveland Women’s Choir, the choral group was founded Cleveland feminist musicians June Adams and Betsy Reeves to promote and facilitate the growth of the women’s music movement in Cleveland. The Cleveland Women’s Choir first performed at Oven Productions’ fourth annual Womyn’s Variety Show in 1979. Choir members continued to meet and perform feminist music following the group’s debut performance, eventually undergoing several name changes throughout the 1980s (from the Cleveland Women’s Choir to the Moral Chorale, the Hagettes, the Windsong Womyn’s Ensemble, and, finally, the Windsong: Cleveland’s Feminist Chorus). Between 1981-1990, the choir primarily performed at annual Womyn’s Variety Shows, local feminist venues, and women’s community events. In 1992, the group was officially renamed the Windsong Womyn’s Ensemble (later shortened to Windsong). Shortly thereafter, Windsong debuted its now-annual Spring and Fall/Winter concert series. The group took on its current name, Windsong: Cleveland’s Feminist Chorus, in 1996. In addition to its annual concerts, Windsong continues to perform at “a variety of community gigs and engagements throughout the year.” Windsong rehearsals are held at Cleveland State University’s Music and Communications Building, 2001 Euclid Avenue. The group is open to “all women-identified, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, fluid, and transgender individuals, with a goal of diversity in age, ethnicity, interests, beliefs, values, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” Though the majority of its members participate in singing in the group’s chorus, Windsong has continue to offer two “non-singing member sections” (the Crescendos and the Grace Notes) to provide avenues for non-singing to participate in and support the group. Described as “Cleveland’s loudest cultural voice specifically for feminism” by member Elaine Schleiffer, Windsong has worked to “promote and encourage women artists, singers, and songwriters from Ohio and beyond” for over 40 years.

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2001 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115 (CSU Music and Communications Building).

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