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The Womyn’s Variety Show, an annual women-only fundraiser benefitting Oven Productions, began in 1975. Initially conceived as a women-only get-together and winter fundraiser for Oven Productions, the Womyn’s Variety Show has since gone on to become a yearly event which highlights entertainment and culture produced by women for women in the greater Cleveland area. The Womyn’s Variety Show has traditionally been an women-only adult-oriented event. Women have been encouraged to participate in the Variety Show by performing individual or group “acts, skits, comedy, or music” that reflect the event’s goals of being “anti-racist, anti-sexist, and empowering of all women.” Womyn’s Variety Show events have been held at The Civic, the Agora Theater, Grays Armory, The Temple, and Park Synagogue. The Civic (3130 Mayfield Road) has been the Womyn’s Variety Show’s longest-running venue. In 2019, Oven Productions announced the Womyn’s Variety Show would thereafter be produced as a quarterly (rather than annual) event. No Womyn’s Variety Show was held in 2019.

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3130 Mayfield Rd., Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 (The Civic).

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