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Oven Productions, a lesbian feminist collective and nonprofit production company, was formed in 1975. Oven Productions’ founding members include Judy Rainbrook, Lori Holmes, Gayle Ciemins, Jamie Hecker, and Susan Woodworth. The Oven Productions operates as a “non-hierarchal” feminist collection within which all of the collective’s members play a role in shaping group decisions and operations. Oven Productions is “particularly concerned with encouraging women’s culture in the Cleveland area.” Oven Productions has produced and sponsored “dance, music, theater, “music, films, theater, art dance, poetry, crafts,” and other entertainment events in Cleveland – including the annual Womyn’s Variety Show – for over 40 years. Oven Productions has operated out of numerous locations over the years. In 1981, Oven Productions’ offices were located at the Women’s Building Project (The Civic, 3300 Mayfield Road).

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3130 Mayfield Rd., Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 (The Civic).

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