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Truffles Pastry Shop, a bakery and coffee shop, opened at 11122 Clifton Avenue in 1984. Truffles Pastry Shop was founded by David Gauchat, a “dessert artist” and baker. Truffles, located on the lower floor of the Clifton Court Apartment Complex, sold a variety of desserts and baked goods (including “freshly baked cakes, pies, cookies, and signature chocolate truffles”) created in-house by Gauchat. Over the years, Truffles became “place of refuge” for local LGBT+ community members, eventually establishing itself as a beloved LGBT+ community institution. Inside the shop, the soft, “amber glow” of the shop’s interior lighting and an abundance of “comfortable tables” provided a “cozy,” comfortable space for patrons to “enjoy their pastries over coffee and conversation.” Outside, Truffles boasted a “beautiful garden patio” modeled after a “European-type coffee shop.” Truffles’ patio, surrounded by Gauchat’s “signature sidewalk garden” (a “seasonal array” of 10-foot-tall sunflowers and countless other flowering plants that were “nearly as beloved by the shop’s fans as the indulgent baked goods”), drew an abundance of patrons throughout the summer months. Gauchat remained active at Truffles until the business was sold to Dan Sheppard, a baker and former Truffles employee, in 1998. After purchasing Truffles in 1998, Sheppard continued to operate Truffles until the competition from nearby chain retailers, issues with building management, and the gradual decentralization of the Clifton-area LGBT+ community led the shop to close abruptly in 2007. “beautiful garden patio.” Truffles, however, was revived under new ownership shortly thereafter. Truffles’ new owner, James Orlando, renovated the store in 2008 and began offering free WiFi in an attempt to compete with nearby chain coffee shops. Though Truffles remained popular, conflicts with building management led Orlando to close Truffles temporarily in November 2010 while he searched for a possible relocation site. Unable to successfully relocate the beloved bakery, Orlando closed Truffles permanently in late 2010.

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11122 Clifton Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44102 (Truffles Pastry Shop).

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