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The Cleveland chapter of TransFamily, a “support and social group for transgender people and their friends and family,” was formed in 1995 by Karen and Bob Gross. Karen and Bob Gross initially founded “as a result of their efforts to find a support system to help them deal with their own child’s transition.” Between 1995-2007, TransFamily of Cleveland held monthly social and support group meetings at the Gross’ private residence in Lyndhurst. In 2007, TransFamily meetings relocated from the Gross’ home to the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland. Together with GLSEN Cleveland, PFLAG Cleveland, BlackOut Unlimited, and the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland, TransFamily of Cleveland has participated in the Safe Schools are For Everyone (SSAFE) program and the annual Vigil For Our Children in order to “draw attention to the discrimination, prejudice and harassment that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered children face in their schools, churches, and communities, and to express our love, understanding, and support for them.” TransFamily of Cleveland remains active and continues to hold weekly meetings at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland.

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Lyndurst. Location approximate. Exact address unknown.

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