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BlackOut Unlimited.

BlackOut Productions, founded in 1997 by Larry Webb and Derek Barnett, was an African American LGBTQ+ entertainment, consulting, production, and social justice organization. BlackOut described itself as “Cleveland’s premier organization serving the African American same-gender loving community.” BlackOut’s primary mission was to “raise the level of consciousness in and about the African American lesbian and gay community” in Cleveland through education, entertainment, and community-based programs and initiatives. 

Webb and Barnett initially formed BlackOut Productions to organize BlackOut ’97, a weekend-long LGBTQ+ pride celebration and event series geared towards Cleveland’s African American LGBTQ+ and same gender loving communities. Following the success of BlackOut ’97, Webb and Barnett recognized BlackOut’s ability to address many of the unmet organizational and social needs of Cleveland’s African American LGBTQ+ and same-gender loving communities. In 1999, BlackOut Productions reorganized into the nonprofit organization BlackOut Unlimited. That same year, BlackOut Unlimited established an office at 2800 Euclid Avenue. 

BlackOut Unlimited’s many programming initiatives were intended to “foster a sense of community” among Cleveland’s underserved African American LGBTQ+ and same-gender loving communities. BlackOut regularly sponsored recurring events, conversation and entertainment series, workshops, conferences, and conventions, and educational programming geared towards members of Cleveland’s African American LGBTQ+ and same-gender loving communities. BlackOut’s core programs included The Brother Circle, Zami Womyn’s Circle, and the Club 1722 Youth Project.

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2800 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115

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