The Ritz, an 18+ bar and 2-floor dance club, opened at 1012 Sumner Court in 1984. Ritz owner Al Spencer fully renovated the building formerly inhabited by Berlin. Inside the renovated club, a “bridge across a staircase” connected two bars suspended above a large dancefloor. Newly-installed “glass walls” and “the largest silver ball hanging from the ceiling of any in the area” further amplified The Ritz’ extravagant new look. The Ritz quickly gained notoriety for hosting extravagant themed parties. For one circus-themed event, Spencer “brought in acts from France for a circus in our big parking lot, with elephants and merry-go-rounds.” After being refused entry by the club’s bouncers between 1984-1985, several African American LGBT+ clubgoers filed complaints with the Midwest Regional Discrimination Response System (DRS) regarding racial discrimination at The Ritz. In 1985, the Midwest DRS filed a lawsuit against the Ritz for systemically racially discriminating against black gay and lesbian patrons. The suit, however, remained unsettled in 1986. Nevertheless, The Ritz remained a popular LGBT+ nightclub staple throughout the mid-to-late 1980s. In 1989, The Ritz became first local gay bar to offer women-only “lesbian nights” on Thursday evenings. To attract African American clubgoers, The Ritz hosted “black nights” on Friday and Saturday evenings. Sundays evenings at The Ritz, however, “[attracted] mostly gay men.” Rage, a “weekly alternative music club,” later opened at 1012 Sumner Court alongside The Ritz in 1987. To the shock of many clubgoers, The Ritz closed without advanced notice in early 1990.

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1012 Sumner Court, Cleveland, OH 44115 (The Ritz).

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