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The Rainbow Wranglers, a mixed-gender LGBT+ “contemporary country-western dance club,” formed in 1990. The Rainbow Wranglers were an offshoot of the Cleveland City Country Dancers (CCCD), an LGBT+ square dancing club. The Rainbow Wranglers held weekly dance practices at Ohio City Oasis. The Wranglers later relocated their regular weekly practices to the Tool Shed bar. In 19911, the Rainbow Wranglers hosted its first Round Up Weekend, an “annual country-western themed dance benefit.” Like the Cleveland City Country Dancers, the Rainbow Wranglers provided an important venue for LGBT+ “men and women to be able to get together and socialize” while raising “much-needed funds for a variety of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organizations.” In addition to hosting weekly practices and annual Round Up Weekend events, the Rainbow Wranglers regularly performed at a number of annual LGBT+ community events, including the We Are Family Picnic, Dancin’ in the Streets, Cleveland Pride, and the Fall Hayride.

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2901 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

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