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The We Are Family Picnic, an annual LGBT+ community end-of-summer festival and fundraiser, was held annually between 1979-2003. The We Are Family Picnic was hosted by the LGBT+ nonprofit fundraising organization Northern Ohio Coalition Inc. (NOCI), and functioned as NOCI’s primary annual fundraiser. Northern Ohio Coalition Inc. held the first We Are Family Picnic on September 2, 1979 at Meadow Ridge Farm (17305 Mayfield Road), a private farm park in Windsor, Ohio. Tickets to the We Are Family Festival were sold at “local gay establishments,” with proceeds from the picnic contributing to NOCI’s various fundraising activities. The We Are Family Picnic was an instant hit, attracting over 1,200 attendees in its first year. In 1980, NOCI relocated the We Are Family Picnic from Meadow Ridge Farm to its longstanding home at Wildwood Lake Water Park (11200 East River Road) in Columbia Station, roughly 20 miles southwest of Cleveland. The move was immensely popular with festivalgoers, and attendance soared in subsequent years. Festival admission provided picnickers with access to Wildwood Lake’s grounds and amenities, as well as a variety of refreshments (including “all the beer and pop [festivalgoers] could drink”), and a plethora of festival activities (including “swimming, volleyball, baseball, and organized games…nature walks…sunbathing…[and] live shows”). Wildwood Lake, a private water park, contained “an old quarry lake in an area surrounded by woods,” “three waterslides, boats, water walkers, and various other water activities.” Wildwood Lake’s large covered hall also presented opportunities for festivalgoers to congregate, relax, or dance to music spun by popular local DJ’s. By the mid-1980s, the We Are Family Picnic was “considered by many in northeast Ohio’s GLBT community to be the last ‘big fling’ of the summer.” Part of the event’s enduring popularity stemmed from the sense of “community togetherness” it generated between attendees. Greg Lakota, a picnic attendee, noted that the private We Are Family Picnic was an “environment where you can totally be yourself.” At its peak in the mid-1990s, the We Are Family Picnic at Wildwood Lake attracted roughly 2,000-3,000 attendees per year and generated between $12,000-$30,000 in revenue annually for NOCI. The We Are Family Picnic’s 20-year run at Wildwood Lake ended in 2000 when NOCI relocated the festival to a new location, The German-American Cultural Center (7863 York Road) in Parma. The event’s change in venue was largely unpopular with festivalgoers, and attendance dropped sharply following the picnic’s relocation. Attendance again dropped the following year after NOCI changed that event’s date due to scheduling conflicts with other popular LGBT+ community events. The annual We Are Family Picnic remained at the German-American Cultural Center through 2003. The final We Are Family Picnic, held at the German-American Cultural Center in 2003, drew only 100-200 attendees. The following year, NOCI replaced the We Are Family Picnic with a shorter-lived annual We Are Family fundraising bus trip to Fallsview Casino, Niagara Falls.

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11200 East River Road, Columbia Station, Ohio 44028 (formerly Wildwood Lake Water Park).

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