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Moda Nightclub, a popular “South Beach-inspired” late-night dance club, opened at 1871 West 25th Street in 2002. Moda Nightclub boasted “1,600 square foot…blond wood dance floor,” “VIP areas, a plush lounge, and a compressed liquid-nitrogen system that cooled the dance floor in seconds.” Soon after opening, Moda established itself as the go-to dance club for “young, professional crowds.” Moda was a “popular venue” for political and LGBT+ fundraisers, serving as the host bar for numerous events sponsored by BlackOut Unlimited and the Cleveland Friendship Committee between 2003-2004. Though Moda Nightclub was initially praised for “revitalizing” the surrounding area, by 2003 the club was the recipient of numerous complains regarding “noise, fights, and gunshots coming from the club.” That same year, the FBI launched an federal investigation, dubbed “Operation Snow Globe,” into one of the club’s financial backers, Emad Silmi. Silmi was was later found to have financed Moda Nightclub with money obtained through drug trafficking in cocaine and other illicit substances. Following Operation Snow Globe, Silmi was additionally charged with using Moda as a front to launder drug money. Following Silmi’s sentencing, Moda was forced to surrender its liquor license. Moda Nightclub closed in 2006.

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1871 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

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