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Mist-A-Henry’s, a gay show bar, opened at 2163 Payne Avenue in 1979. Mist-A-Henry’s quickly established itself as “one of the places to spend a night out in Cleveland.” The friendly service provided by co-owners Henry Henderson and Sam Fudge, as well as the club’s “moderately priced” drinks, music, and live entertainment,” garnered Mist-A-Henry’s “not only a large local patronage, but a national following as well.” In December 1980, an unidentified arsonist broke into Mist-A-Henry’s and set the bar’s interior ablaze. Everything inside the bar was largely left unsalvageable following the arson attack. Mist-A-Henry’s closed following the 1980 after the bar fire. Undeterred, the club’s co-owners reunited to open Another Place in 1981.

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2163 Payne Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114 (Mist-A-Henry’s).

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