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The Gold Coast, a gay bar, opened at 11517 Clifton Boulevard in 1981. The Gold Coast was a “New York Style Disco” and members-only club that contained an upper-level bar and lower-level bar and dancefloor. Though the upper-level was strictly “male only,” the lower level bar welcomed a mixed-gender crowd. The Gold Coast regularly featured live entertainment, female impersonator shows, and contests (including the Mr. Gold Coast competition). “Jazz Ma Tazz,” a “private exercise program,” was open to participants in the upper level bar space on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Though the Gold Coast was only open for one year, it was remembered by some as “one of the most controversial gay bars in Cleveland.” In 1982, the bar’s owner, Dr. Pradist Satayathum, abruptly “announced that gays would no longer be welcome at the establishment.” Following this announcement, the Gold Coast “posted a very derogatory sign on their front door with language so strong and anti-gay that the Scene Magazine would not accept the wording which was submitted for an advertisement in that publication.” The Gold Coast closed in 1982 and subsequently reopened as the Lido Lounge, a straight club. Club Diva, a gay club, later opened at this address.

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11517 Clifton Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44102

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