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Babe’s Baby Grand Lounge, a show bar, opened at 5222 Euclid Avenue in 1959. Babe’s, named after owner Babe Brondfield, previously operated another bar, the Harlem Cafe, at the same address. After he shuttered the Harlem Cafe, Brondfield conducted extensive renovations and reopened the venue as Babe’s Baby Grand Lounge. The 150-seat venue featured a bar and nightly live entertainment. Babe’s frequently hosted an array of female impersonators and female impersonator revues as its headline entertainers. Babe’s Baby Grand Lounge hosted the second annual Female Impersonators Ball in October 1960. Babe’s was shuttered on charges of tax evasion in April 1961 and closed shortly thereafter.

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5522 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103

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