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The 620 Club, a gay men’s “cruise and show” bar, opened at 620 Frankfort Avenue in 1968 under owners Joe and Estelle Bruno. Joe Estelle operated the 620 Club as a “welcoming and hassle-free” bar space geared toward Cleveland’s gay male community. Toward the back of the 620 Club, a jukebox and small dance floor provided space for patrons to listen to music, dance, and mingle. The 620 Club occasionally hosted traveling entertainers on its small central stage. In the 1980s, an updated lounge area and audio system were added following extensive renovations to the club’s interior. The 620 Club’s infamous “meat rack,” a large lacquered wood counter located in the center of the bar area, remained a well-known and enduringly popular cruising spot throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Though men were welcomed into the club, women were generally prohibited from entering (except, on occasion, to attend certain specific shows or events). In 1981, owners Joe and Estelle Bruno transferred ownership of the 620 Club to Joe’s son-in-law, Chuck. The 620 Club closed in 1985 after operating for nearly 17 years. The club later reopened as Numbers Nightclub.

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620 Frankfort Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

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