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The Radical Feminist Lesbian Conference, a conference by and for Cleveland-area lesbian feminists, was held on November 14-16, 1975 at Hiram House Camp in Moreland Hills, Ohio. The Radical Lesbian Feminist Conference was organized by members of Dykes You Know Everywhere (DYKE), including Susan Woodworth and Mary Ann Huckabay. A spokeswoman for the conference described its primary purposes as being to identify the number, quantity, and location of Cleveland-area lesbian feminists, to “evaluate the skills and resources” of Cleveland-area lesbian feminists, to “establish a [accessible] communication network” between Cleveland-area lesbian feminists, to “talk about how Cleveland [did or did not] meet [the needs of Cleveland-area lesbian feminists],” to “have an experience in community together,” and to “establish connections with the Cleveland feminist community.” The Radical Feminist Lesbian Conference helped connect local politically and socially active lesbians, feminists, and lesbian feminists together and served as an impetus for future political and social feminist organizing in Cleveland. A second lesbian feminist conference, the Conference for Radical Women, followed several years after in 1981.

Hiram House Camp, ca. 2018.

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33775 Hiram Trail, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 (Hiram House Camp).

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