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Queer Nation Cleveland, a local chapter of the national queer political organization Queer Nation, formed in 1991. Queer Nation Cleveland first formed during a conference at Case Western Reserve University. Queer Nation Cleveland was, at best, loosely affiliated with more prominent Queer Nation chapters in New York and San Francisco. Queer Nation Cleveland met at the LGBT Community Center’s 1418 West 29th Street location.

In addition to staging public protests, Queer Nation Cleveland frequently utilized “sticker campaigns” as a means to spread political messages and raise awareness about a variety of issues related to queer communities and queer liberation. Queer Nation’s stickers commonly sported queer political phrases, including “A queer was here,” “Faggot power,” “Dyke power,” “Lesbo a go-go,” and “Bisexuals have twice the fun.” Queer Nation Cleveland members were visible participants in numerous political and social events in Cleveland, including Dancin’ in the Streets and Cleveland Pride.

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1418 W 29th St, Cleveland, OH 44113 (LGBT Community Center, former location)

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