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The Maryann Finegan Anti-Violence Project (also called the Maryann Finegan Project and Maryann Finegan Anti-Gay Violence Project), was an LGBTQ+ violence prevention program created in 1989 by LGBT Community Center founder Aubrey Wertheim. Wertheim created the Maryann Finegan Anti-Violence Project to “track and fight” violence, hate crimes, and harassment against LGBTQ+ Clevelanders. The program was named in memory of Mary Ann Finegan, the lesbian victim of an anti-LGBTQ+ hate crime and murder. In 1982, Mary Ann Finegan and her partner were abducted outside of Isis, a lesbian women’s bar. Finegan was subsequently murdered in her car at a secondary location in the Flats district. Finegan’s murder remained unsolved at the time the Maryann Finnegan Anti-Violence Project formed in 1989.

The Maryann Finegan Anti-Violence Project operated with an all-volunteer staff at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland‘s West 29th St. location . The anti-violence program focused on providing advocacy, resources, and assistance for victims of anti-LGBTQ+ hate crimes, violence, and harassment. Project volunteers tracked and reported statistics regarding hate crimes against LGBTQ+ community members in Cleveland. Volunteers also engaged in educational and political outreach campaigns to raise awareness and combat violence against LGBTQ+ community members in Cleveland. The Maryann Finegan Anti-Violence Project ceased operating in 1994 after the LGBT Community Center could no longer provide the staff, resources, and funding necessary to maintain the program.

Plain Dealer. December 7, 1990.

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1418 W 29th St, Cleveland, OH 44113 (LGBT Community Center, former location).

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