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Liberation United Church of Christ (Liberation UCC), an open and affirming congregation, was founded in 1993. Liberation UCC was established to provide LGBT+ Clevelanders with a religious organization “where they [could] feel comfortable expressing their spirituality without having to conceal their sexuality.” Between 1993-1998, Liberation UCC held weekly worship services in a space rented from the Hillel Foundation at Case Western Reserve University (11303 Euclid Avenue). In 1998, the Parkwood Congregational Church of Christ gifted its former church building to Liberation UCC. Liberation UCC moved into its new permanent location, 13714 Madison Avenue, in February 1999. In addition to hosting weekly worship services, Liberation UCC used its new permanent church building to host community events and to provide meeting and organizational space for a variety of LGBT+ and local community groups and organizations. Liberation United Church of Christ closed in December 2012.

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13714 Madison Ave, Cleveland, OH 44107

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