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Lady Z’s, a short-lived women’s bar, opened at 4002 Jennings Road in late 2008. Lady Z’s (formerly Zaleznik’s Tavern) was operated by husband and wife duo Peggy and Bruce Zeleznik. After operating the third-generation family-owned tavern for many years, the Zelezniks renamed the business Lady Z’s following a lull in business and reopened it as an “alternative bar and dance club for women” in a bid to attract a new patrons. Following its name change December 2008, Lady Z’s retained much of the coziness and charm that initially attracted patrons to the original Zeleznik’s Tavern for over 90 years. The bar’s interior featured an extended wooden bar with seating, a dancefloor, and an outdoor patio located to the rear of the building. Lady Z’s occasionally hosted themed event nights, dance parties, and live entertainment. Lady Z’s closed sometime between late 2009 and early 2010. Kolours, a short-lived gay bar, opened at the same address in 2010.

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4002 Jennings Rd, Cleveland, OH

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