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Headstrong Pro-dyketions, a “radical feminist lesbian organization,” formed in 1986 following the Radical Thought Conference. Headstrong Pro-dyketions’ primary purpose was to “provide an avenue that will bring lesbian speakers to the area to address lesbian issues, as they pertain to all working-class lesbians.” Its members were “dedicated to providing a more positive perspective of lesbianism and the dreaded D word [dyke].” To this end, Headstrong Pro-dyketions sponsored events featuring speakers that discussed the “intellectual side of lesbian issues,” including Ariane Brunet, Julia Penelope, Jackie Anderson, and Sonia Johnson. Headstrong Pro-dyketions’ members primarily resided in Cleveland Heights, but hosted events throughout the greater Cleveland area.

Gay People’s Chronicle. November 1988.

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  • Mahnal, K. D. “Headstrong Women Make Statement.” Gay People’s Chronicle. January 1989. Page 9.
Location approximate. Headstrong Pro-dyketions has no fixed address.

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