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The Good-N-Plenty Club, a local chapter of the national social organization Girth and Mirth, formed in 1985. The Good-N-Plenty club operated as as social group for “large men and their male admirers.” Though the original Good-N-Plenty went defunct several years after its founding, the organization revived in 1993 as Girth and Mirth of Cleveland. Girth and Mirth of Cleveland’s membership encompassed “bears, chubs, cubs, and chasers.” Girth and Mirth of Cleveland’s primary purpose was to “offer a safe meeting place where both big men and their admirers [could] socialize without being chastised.” The group’s “secondary purpose,” however, was to combat fatphobia within the LGBT+ and broader society by working to “educate the gay community that fat is not bad and that to like fat men is not bad.” In doing so, Girth and Mirth hoped to positively “educate the gay community that [fat men] are intelligent, fun, and caring men to speak with and get to know.” The group hosted a variety of social events for its members, including movie nights, road trips, picnics, potlucks, and monthly meetings at Rockies/Cocktails Cleveland (9208 Detroit Avenue). Girth and Mirth of Cleveland hosted its first annual convention, the Northcoast Chub-Chaser-Bear Weekend, in May 2006.

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9208 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102

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