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Exedra, a gay bar and disco, opened at 1762 East 18th Street in 1978. Exedra was owned by Vince and Mary Los. Exedra featured a “lodge type area” near its front bar, with a “lighted, three-tiered dance floor” boasting “exceptional disco sound and a terrific light show.” In addition to hosting live local and national entertainment throughout the week, Exedra regularly hosted themed shows, parties, and events, including Tuesday “Krazy Nights,” “Dynasty” themed Wednesdays, “Guaranteed Score Nights” and “Movie Nights” on Fridays. Exedra’s Krazy Nights, which featured themed “shows, specials, prizes, contests, costumes, [and] gags,” regularly brought hundreds of patrons into the popular club. Summerfest, an outdoor “carnival-type celebration”, was held annually in Exedra’s covered parking lot between 1980-1983. Exedra closed in 1983.

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1762 E 18th St, Cleveland, OH 44114

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