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The Cleveland Gay Federation formed in June 1975 as a separate political arm of the GEAR Foundation. The Cleveland Gay Federation was a “non-profit gay political organization interested in local civil rights.” The group’s initial purpose was to “1) act as an information source for gays who are just coming out and know little of the gay subculture or of places where one can make social contacts, and 2) to educate the straight public about what it really means to be gay.” The Cleveland Gay Federation first met at GEAR’s office, 2999 West 25th Street. Following the Cleveland Gay Federation’s inaugural meeting in November 1975, the group’s name was revised to the Cleveland Gay Political Union (CGPU/CPGU). The renamed Cleveland Gay Political Union’s subsequently elected to prioritize “[enacting] civil rights legislation in the immediate communities of Cuyahoga county.” Subsequent CGPU meetings were held at Cleveland State University’s University Center Building.

High Gear. September 1975.

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2999 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113 (former GEAR office)

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