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The Monotones, a social group for LGBT+ “committed couples,” formed in Lakewood in 1986. That year, four Cleveland LGBT+ couples, who were “searching for a social outlet that fostered an atmosphere of openness and acceptance, while still respecting each couple’s commitment to one another,” united to form the “close-knit social group.” Rejecting the “unease and ‘cruising’ that can be found in other areas of the gay and lesbian community,” the group “offers a warm, non-threatening environment for social interaction between LGBT couples.” In 1993, the group adopted its current name, Cleveland Couples Together, in order to better reflect the group’s purpose. Since the group’s inception, membership has been open to all LGBT+ monogamous couples seeking a space for social interaction with other LGBT+ couples. Cleveland Couples Membership has grown and waned in subsequent years, peaking at over 30 member couples in the mid-1990s. Cleveland Couples Together has included member couples from throughout the greater Cleveland area ranging in age from “late 20’s to mid 70’s” and encompassing a spectrum of gender and sexual identities.

As a social group, Cleveland Couples Together has engaged in a variety of “educational, social, cultural, and outdoor events” over the years, including (but not limited to): “Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad tours, holiday parties, movie/game nights, concerts, picnics, museum trips, camping weekends, anniversary nights, potlucks, wine tastings, bird watching, and rock climbing.” Outside of group outings, Cleveland Couples Together has organized regular monthly planning and operational meetings, typically hosted in private homes and/or local LGBT+ bars and restaurants. Other monthly recurring events have included “[potlucks] held at a couple’s home,” “birthday [celebrations] at a bar or coffee house,” and “restaurant [nights] to celebrate anniversaries.” Between 1986 and 2002, Cleveland Couples Together sponsored the annual Fall Hayride, a Halloween-themed event and fundraiser open to all LGBT+ community members. Cleveland Couples Together remains active.

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