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The Cleveland Bisexual Network, a social and resource organization for the Cleveland bisexual+ community, was founded by Sarah Young in 2001. The Cleveland Bisexual Network’s primary goal was to “bring together bi-folk in the Cleveland area for socializing, community-building, and political and social activism.” Young, along with four other members of the bisexual social group Bi and Beyond, created the Cleveland Bisexual Network in order to “connect Cleveland-area bisexuals to local, regional, national, and international resources, while facilitating the existence of a varied and diverse local bi community.” Members of the Cleveland Bisexual Network held monthly meetings through Bi and Beyond, a bisexual social and support group that met at the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland. The Cleveland Bisexual Network hosted a variety of social and cultural events, including the annual Ohio Bi Organizers Retreat and National Bisexuality Day celebrations.

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6600 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102 (LGBT Community Center former location)

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