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Bayou Landing, a multilevel gay disco, opened at 1021 Sumner Avenue in 1975. It was part of the national Bayou Landing chain operated by Jerry Batal. Bayou Landing was one of the first few after-hours clubs to open in Cleveland. The club could accommodate nearly 1,500 attendees across three separate levels. On its first floor, Bayou Landing contained a “coffee shop, a deli bar offering sandwiches and chips, and a cocktail lounge.” The second floor contained a “26′ by 16′ drinking bar” and massive dancefloor. The dancefloor was surrounded by three state of the art light shows designed by Peter Zelmer. For patrons interested in getting away from the noise and lights, the second floor also presented patrons with the “choice of two attractively secluded lounge areas and separate game rooms where pinball machines a pool table await.” The Bayou Landing’s third floor contained space for other venues, including the attached Captain Jack’s Lower Landing bar. The Bayou Landing frequently offered live entertainment, including locally and nationally renowned “gay artists…comedians, singers, ventriloquists, and various impersonators.” Though Bayou Landing frequently hosted female impersonators as part of its revolving lineup of live entertainment, the club generally refused entry to members of the drag community (purportedly for “reasons of professionalism”). Bayou Landing closed in 1977. The club later reopened as New Dimensions.

Cleveland Public Library, Photograph Collection

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1012 Sumner Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115

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