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Another State of Mind, a lesbian/gay bookstore owned by Linda Malicki, opened at 16608 Madison Avenue in 1987. Another State of Mind sold a large selection of new and used books on “lesbian and gay subjects, spirituality, and self help,” as well as a variety of “cards, albums, tapes, crafts, and artwork.” Another State of Mind quickly established itself as an “important resource for Cleveland’s gay and lesbian community.” LGBT+ Clevelanders frequently visited Another State of Mind to in search of wares, “community information,” and the welcoming, LGBT+ positive environment Malicki intentionally promoted. The store’s “warm and comfortable atmosphere” reportedly made it “a great place for a cup of tea and some conversation” with other LGBT+ community members. Though Another State of Mind was a for-profit business, it doubled as a “source of community information” and an unofficial “[LGBT+ community] hotline.” Community information was made readily available on “several large bulletin boards…filled with newspaper clippings, flyers about national and local events, business cards, and the like.” For those unable to come to the store in person, Malicki dutifully “[answered] daily calls from people with questions about [what was] happening in the area.” To cater to the local women’s community, Malicki also “established a [weekly] Sunday morning women’s discussion [group]” at the bookstore and hosted meetings for an “amateur writer’s group for women” that met regularly on Thursday nights. For many Clevelanders, Another State of Mind was a “safe place to come out” and connect with others as a member of the LGBT+ community. Malicki closed Another State of Mind in 1989 before moving out of state.

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16608 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

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