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The All-Ohio Lesbian-Gay Conference, an annual weekend-long LGBT+ conference, was held at the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Thwing Center between 1981-1991. The first All-Ohio Lesbian-Gay Conference, co-sponsored by the GEAR Foundation and the CWRU Lesbian Gay Student Union, was held between April 26-27, 1981. The inaugural conference’s activities included presentations by keynote speakers, instructive workshops, and a small after-event “wine and cheese party.” Approximately 100 people attended the inaugural conference – far more than the 35 the conference’s organizers had initially anticipated. Attendance grew in subsequent years, averaging between 250-350 persons per conference weekend. The event’s format generally included a weekend of “entertainment, three sessions of instructive interactive workshops with contemporary gay and lesbian themes, and featured speakers” spread between Saturday and Sunday. A Friday evening reception, Saturday “afternoon cocktail hour,” and Saturday “evening party” granted attendees with ample time and opportunities to network and socialize with other LGBT+ attendees. For many, the All-Ohio Lesbian-Gay Conference was far more than just an annual educational and networking opportunity. As one passionate attendee reflected in a 1988 issue of the Gay People’s Chronicle, “this conference always has been more than just workshops and speakers. It has been a place, more than any place else, where Cleveland lesbians and gay men learn to celebrate themselves.” By 1989, however, the CWRU Lesbian-Gay Student Union could no longer afford to host host and manage the annual weekend conference. The following year, the Kent Gay-Lesbian Foundation stepped in to host the 1990 All-Ohio Lesbian-Gay Conference at the Kent State University Student Center. The conference returned to CWRU in 1991.

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11111 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106 (Thwing Center, CWRU)

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